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Who Are WE?

Technology has been revolutionized over the last year. Blockchain and cryptocurrency became one of the most discussable topics of the year. The world’s biggest businessmen and government officials started to speak about it publicly, some countries enacted legislation to begin the legalization of cryptocurrency in common use cases. Mass media has begun to cover cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. Most importantly, digital transactions began the slow shift from dark-net to transparent real-life deals.

The widespread use of cryptocurrencies in the real world means people will be able to purchase goods and services utilizing different cryptocurrencies. There are already a lot of web markets and real shops which accept different cryptocurrencies. We have decided to create cash back system for consumers of those pioneer shops, which will attract more buyers because of the advantages of cash back system and persuade others to accept digital currencies.

CryptoCashBack (CCB) has the main goal of becoming the universal cryptocurrency for cashback services in the future by consolidating fragmented market on one platform. We will be the first decentralized credit card system that provides cash back to reward cryptocurrency users at coin-enabled shops. At first development stage we are going to develop web platform and mobile application, so users can utilize our in-store partners worldwide receive rewards for every purchase. At this stage, rewards could be sold on exchanges for Bitcoin or kept for the second stage.

Second development stage of CCB platform is building our online store and upgrading platform by integrating all partners to it. This will enable rewards to consumers through online purchases. CCB coin as the result of the implementation of stage 2 will become the dominant consumer to business coin as it provides numerous opportunities for our consumers while bringing in more customers to business partners. Throughout this stage, CCB will launch a strategic marketing campaign to get business partners on-board and accepting our coin through different mediums.

We decided to build our coin on Proof of Stake concept to give additional value to coins and CCB can only be bought on presale. Proof of work will run only for 500 blocks to start the blockchain. Wallets are now available and all the coins mined in the POW stage will be burned.


Coin name CryptoCashBack
Coin ticker CCB
Algorithm QUARK
Type POW / POS / MN
Block rewards 100
Rewards MN - 70%, POS - 30%
Block Time 1 minute
Min. staking age 1 hour
Maturity 151 blocks
Last POW Block 500
Max Coin Supply 50 000 000
Collateral 5000
Premine 500 000
1 Premine
2 - 500 1
Block height Reward
501 - 15000 1
15001 - last block 100


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